Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
Click link for more details.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to sign up as Herbalife Distributor

kpd yg malas membaca.. sy tau ramai readers sy mmg pemalas nak bace esei pjg2. pls la bace bende ni. kalo nak ilmu, sila la bace. its for ur own good. kalo tamo bace, dan terjd pape, then.. tanggung la sendiri ya.

* Effective 15th July 2013, IBP is now RM 94. Refer this link for more info.

Salam & Hi everybody..

erm.. rasenye sy perlu la share bende ni. coz ramai sgt yg kene tipu. so baik sy share sini. sy mmg dah siapkan script pjg utk explain ttg hal ni, so kalo paste kat blog, rasenye lg ramai boleh bace. bwh ni, sy bukan takat copy paste je, tp ade tambah lagi more info, just in case.



sy bg cth case yg telah berlaku baru2 ni.

customer ni bayar RM 98 utk sign up. tp tak dpt IBP (International Business Pack), tak isi pape application forms, hanya dpt resit. distributor tu ckp, dah registerkan, lalu boleh beli at 25% discount. bile sy soh die call HL utk check, HL ckp.. name die tade dlm system pon. masih blom terime application form.

so, pendek kate, distributor tu tak beli pon IBP, tak isi pon form, tak submit pon form, dan telah bg discount pd retail customer. duit RM 98 tu masuk poket distributor. dan telah pon menipu customer, ckp dah register, padahal tak register pon.

sepatutnye bile customer beli IBP, distributor mmg tak dpt untung, sbb mmg RM98-RM98 = 0. melainkan distributor tu beli IBP yg buy 5 get 1 free baru la dpt untung disitu..

so niat sy share bende ni, spy customer2 yg berminat nak try HL, at least aware la cara nak dptkan discount dan cara yg betul nak jd member, nak dptkan discount ni. tade la masuk2 tu blur jek.. tatau pape. huhuhu.


ape yg sy tulis kat bwh ni.. apply utk semua team. tak kire u join under sape, they should do the same procedure. ok? kalo keliru, sbb ade team yg buat cara lain.. pls let me know, i'll explain further.

some teams, might do meet-ups / COD.. jumpe2 itu ini.. kan? sy tak buat.

so pd yg buat meet-up tu boleh la bg trus IBP by hand, dan pertukaran wang akan berlaku. kalo dah alang2 meet-up, korang isi la borang tu dpn distributor tu, dan korang pg la ikut skali ke HQ, anta form tu skali. jgn soh org tu antakan. pls la jgn!!

pls jgn jd pemalas ok? kene take responsibility and be independent. tamo kene tipu, sila la buat bende tu sendiri. isi form sendiri, anta form sendiri, kalo order pon (kalo boleh la).. sendiri jgk. cuba2 la blaja. senang sgt nak order sendiri. :P


Q: How do I sign up as Herbalife Distributor?

if u want to sign up.. u have 2 choices..

a) buy IBP together with products, BUT the products will be at retail price
b) buy IBP 1st, post the membership (aka application) form to HL and wait for HL's approval. once approve, only then u buy at member's price (25-50%).

FYI, buying the IBP, will not make u a member yet. thats why, its crucial to post the membership forms 1st. once u are officially a member, only then u're able to order at members price.

a HL distributor CANNOT give out discount to retail customer/non members. so if u haven't submitted ur forms, u r not yet entitle to use the 25-50% discount (yet).

i recommend u to follow b), coz u'll save more money..
u'll be able to purchase products at member's price.
u just have to wait for a little while for the HLs approval.


Q: How do I get the membership/application forms? Do I have to download it online?

to sign up.. u need to fill some forms. to get the forms u need to buy the IBP (international business pack). the forms are INSIDE the IBP. membership forms are NOT available online.

membership form = application of international distributorship form

each IBP has only 1 copy of membership form to sign up as HL distributor. and the membership form will include ur ID NUMBER. pls jot ur ID NUM down, and keep it somewhere safe.

however, other forms in ur IBP (besides the membership form), can be downloaded online at HL Distributors website. but u need to be a member 1st in order to login the website. :P

pls refer links below to see the content list of IBP

u can order the IBP thru me (or any HL distributor).. its RM 98. not including postage.

if u want to save postage, u can collect the IBP at Herbalife HQ. so u just need to pay me RM 98, and i'll order the IBP for you.

Herbalife HQ is at...
Ground Floor, Plaza See Hoy Chan
Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Herbalife Sales Centre, for those in Sabah is at..
G30 Ground Floor, Kompleks Asia City,
Ph. 2A Lorong Asia City,
Kota Kinabalu.

if u prefer it to be delivered, you have to add delivery charges.

add RM 15.. if u live in WEST m'sia. so total would be = RM 113
add RM 30.. if u live in EAST m'sia. total = RM 128


there are 3 forms to be filled.. but u don't need to fill all of them.
u can choose, either to fill.. just 1 or 2 or all 3 forms.
only 1 form must be sent to HL -> application form.
the other 2 are optional.

the forms are..
. application form (must be filled)
. credit card form (optional. if u have 1 or more credit card under ur name, u can register them under HL. once registered, u can pay using ur registered credit card when u order using ur own ID)
. bank info form (optional, this is for HL to transfer commission. but this will only happen if u become a supervisor and have ur own downlines)

u have to include copies of your
. mykad (must be included along with ur application form. both sides)
. credit card (if you filled up the credit card form, pls include a copy of ur credit card both sides.)
. edc slip (optional, can be included when u register ur credit card)
. deposit slip ..or.. bank statement ..or.. savings book (either one, if u filled the bank info form. for savings book.. photostat the page with ur bank details)

pls keep a record of ur ID NUMBER (stated on the top left corner of ur application form).

i recommend u to either:-
post by pos laju/pos express -> pls post it to HQ KL address
submit the forms by hand
fax it to HL (03 - 2687 6222)

approval will take..
1-3 days if u submit the membership form by fax/hand.
3-7 days if u submit the membership form via pos express / pos laju
* pls count working days only

i will check with HL.. whether ur membership has been approve.
i'll need your ID NUMBER (MY******) in order for me to check with HL.

once ur application has been approved (is in the system), i'll inform u that u can start ordering using discounts. when ur application has been approved, u can either order using ur own ID or thru ur supervisor/sponsor (me).


last but not least, below are the procedures if u deal with me. u have 2 choices, either DELIVERY or PICK UP (collect). i don't do meet-ups or COD. everything will be done online yah! :D

Delivery Procedure
customer places order + make payment to distributor -> distributor submits order + make payment to HL -> HL delivers parcel to designated address -> customer receives parcel

Pick Up Procedure
customer places order + make payment to distributor -> distributor submits order + make payment to HL -> distributors get order number from HL -> informs customer the order number -> customer goes to HQ -> takes number by pressing button -> write down order number behind the number slip -> wait for turn -> gives the person behind counter the order number -> customer receives items ordered -> customer checks items for any damage or broken seal before leaving


some extra stuff!!

Q: I don't want to sell. I just want to consume Herbalife.

nak jd distributor ke member ke same je. its up to u, nak jual atau tidak. HL tidak akan memaksa anda jual pape bile korang dah sign up nnt. nak buat ape dgn distributorship.. ikut korang la. nak consume sendiri ke, nak jual kat kwn/family ke.. silakan. asalkan tak break any of HL rules.

Q: If I buy products together with IBP, can I buy products at member's price?

ok mcm ni la.. sy bg cth.

kalo korang walk in kat HQ KL skalipon.. nak beli IBP skali dgn product, HL akan charge u.. the same thing. IBP mmg fixed price (RM 98), product.. katelah korang nak beli SNP 100g. products plak, HQ akan charge at full retail price (including the P&H fee).


so.. kalo walk in at HQ KL to buy IBP and SNP 100g.
IBP = RM 98
SNP 100g = RM 502.20 (retail price inclusive of P&H fee as of 22 May 2010)
TOTAL = RM 600.20

note that, some HL staff won't let u buy IBP at HQ, especially when u come alone with no 'sponsor'.

so method lain kalo masih nak collect IBP kat HQ, order IBP thru a distributor, pestu bitau korang nak pick up kat HQ. lepas HL dah confirm, distributor akan bg order number, dan korang boleh collect IBP tu kat HQ using that order number. HL staff will not question, sbb kat receipt, mmg dah ade name distributor tu. dah paham2, u will sign up under that person. ok?

SPONSOR is a distributor who brings another individual into Herbalife as a Distributor. a sponsor could be a normal distributor or a fully qualified supervisor.

so, u have to have a 'sponsor' in order for u to sign up. kalo tade 'sponsor', nnt HL staff, akan recommend sape2 yg dok menunggu potential customer kat HQ tu. eheh. mmg ramai, distributor2 yg sedang menanti potential customer di HQ. sy panggil derang ni, sharks! they are sharks waiting for innocent looking fishes. :D



kalo nak beli IBP thru a distributor pulak..

distributor tu mungkin akan charge products at retail price (without P&H fee), so murah sket la. distributor boleh pilih nak jual full retail or not. asalkan distributor tu tak charge less than the wholesale price, thats good enough. kalo tak charge less than wholesale price maknenye, distributor tu bebetul ikut rules HL. ok?

so basically, korang kene tau la price nya, kene ade la pricelist. kalo tade pricelist, mcm mane nak tau harga SEBENAR wholesale ape, harga dgn P&H ape.. mmg tatau la kan? pls.. make sure u have the pricelist. u have to see it for urself. jgn terime je kate2 distributor tu. die boleh je nak letak harga lain. pls ask for the pricelist! or u could download it at my blog. mmg tiap kali ade pape price update, i'll share it in my blog.

wholesale price = retail price exclusive of P&H fee

so.. kalo beli thru a distributor to buy IBP and SNP 100g
IBP = RM 98
SNP 100g = RM 465 (retail price exclusive of P&H fee as of 22 May 2010)
TOTAL = RM 563



sy nasihatkan, korang pilih la distributor yg bebetul nak tolong korang, bukan jenis nak kaut untung je atau nak aim position yg tinggi dlm HL.

cube test dulu. tanye mcm2, dan tgk cara die jwb mcm mane. kalo korang selesa dan rase mcm boleh trust that person, nampak mcm ikhlas dan bersungguh je org tu nak menolong, then silakan, org itulah yg akan guide u all the way thru.


some TIPS!!

pls ask them (the distributors) these questions before u sign up under them, ok?

Q: how do i sign up? can i get discounts without signing up?

- ini trick question ok? utk tau distributor ni mengikut rule atau tidak, pls tanye soalan ni. korang tgk la cara org tu jwb mcm mane.
- disini, kalo ade org yg jual, IBP + products at members price (25-50%).. pls question them back "why are u giving me discounts when i'm not officially a member?" eheh. sila ye.
- customer ni kene bijak tanye balik. tgk mcm mane org tu jwb. kalo takut2, tatau nak jwb.. ade la tu. tgh hide smtg. :))

Q: what benefits do i get if i join ur team?

- mungkin ada extra benefits, like commission ke kalo bwk masuk org, ade shake party ke, dpt free gifts ke. tatau la kan. korang tanye la kat org yg berkenaan. :P

Q: will u be coaching/guiding me and make comments on my menu?

- haa.. soalan wajib jgk ni. pls make sure, org tu mmg akan guide korang. jgn sign up trus. takut tetibe, eh tamo guide plak? nangis tak berlagu la korang yeh. pestu korang pg kat distributor lain.. mintak tolong. huhuhuhu. :(


some more extra stuff!! kudos to Mieza! :x

ni ade sket penambahan. aku ade mintak tolong sahabat baik aku, Mieza addkan sket. kot kot aku ade tertinggal mane2 ke. mmg byk pon aku tinggal. so die dah bg bbrp extra point yg aku boleh masuk dlm posting ni.

bwh2 ni, lebih pd ape yg kite as distributor kene deal everyday. kirenye mcm soalan common la. naik muntah gak bile terpaksa jwb soalan2 ni. sbb mcm erm menguji kesabaran. korang bace la sendiri..

mcm mane aku nak tulis ni.. nak kate Q = question bukan.
tp lebih pd S = statement. ok.. S then. :))


Statement2 dibwh, dtg dr customer. dialog dibwh ni aku ubahsuai gune ayat aku sendiri. tp ini la yg besenye terjd.. yg besenye distributor HL kene hadapi setiap hari. T_T

S: Let say, i don't want to sign up bcoz i want to try the products 1st. i'm afraid, the products won't suit my taste / won't work on me. I'll buy thru u, at member's price using ur name/discount.. and if all ends well, i'm going to sign up under u. can ah?

no can do missy. :P

i agree on using the products 1st before signing up, but the part where u mention, buying at member's price.. that cannot be done.

why? bcoz i CAN'T give u discount when u're a STILL a retail customer / non member. u have to sign up 1st (no matter what) in order for u to enjoy the member's price.

no to signing up = no discounts >:)
yes to signing up = get discounts :D

if u want to try the products 1st without signing up, the only way is to purchase at retail price. i won't budge on the pricing. sorry. its final.

nota kaki..
- huhuh. ini la yg bese terjd. kalo jenis yg mmg gigih betul dok ulang jugak "nak discount! nak discount!.. tp sy tamo sign up". agak2 korang, kiteorg ni rase ape? rase nak hantuk2 kat meja/dinding. seriyes. selalu nye time2 gini, aku turun pg minum milo ais, sbb tension sgt :))
- nak sign up senang je, tp ade yg buat payah. so kite ni pon, asyik dok mengulang bende same. pls be considerate ok? ini utk peringatan pd seme. kite ni walaupon distributor.. tp kite ni manusia jgk ade tahap kesabaran. so jgnlah over the top. baper kali mau ulang, tp tak paham2 jgk. kot kot kene lukis buat diagram, mind map, baru paham kot.

S: I'm staying in Penang.. and I want to buy Herbalife products. but the thing is, most distributor are in KL, so far away. I prefer distributors who are also in Penang. easy to meet and buy products. U're in KL rite?

erm. let me ask u a question. do u think that having a distributor nearby, will influence ur weight loss result? the nearer the distributor, the more u will lose, izzit? :D

nope rite? it does not matter where the distributor is.. as long as the distributors submit ur order and sends u the products in time, guide u thru ur weight loss and answers all ur question.

the thing is, if u don't put in ur own effort, it does not matter.. whether ur distributor lives in London, or is ur next door neighbour. ur weight loss results, depends solely on ur effort and ur drive to change/improve urself. ok?

so near/far.. does not matter. :D

nota kaki..
- ekeke. situasi yg buat aku geli ketiak. btol la kan? aku bukan reka citer tau. mmg typical org akan berpkran begitu. dekat, mudah, lalu results maybe boleh gempak jgk kot. but that is not the case.
- sy atau mane2 distributor guide mcm mane pon, kalo korang sendiri tamo berubah/berkorban, it won't work. so #1, it is YOU urself yg kene bersemangat waja. #2 baru coach yg bagus. kalo coach sorang yg bersemangat, tp #1 fail. maka fail la nk lose weight.

S: sy sign up jd member. tp tak pasti distributor sy bg brp discount. die tak penah pon bg pricelist. setiap kali sy nak order, sy bitau product yg sy mau, pestu die quotekan trus total. so sampai skang sy masih tatau harga product sy beli.. dan brp discount yg sy dpt. tolong sy. :(

- err.. ni lg satu statement yg buat sy terkedu. dah tatau harga, mintak la pricelist. nape tamo mintak? takut? segan? malu?
- 1st thing sblm pape, pricelist kene mintak dulu. biar nmpk seme harga2 terpapar dpn mata. at least tau, org ni charge sebijik mcm dlm pricelist, atau dia dah bundarkan harge, atau die main create pricelist baru ikut sedap die jek.
- pls be aware of this ok. korang ade hak nak tau harga sebenar. tak usah malu/segan/takut.
- jgn jd mcm sorang tu, distributor bg die 24% discount. sepatutnye 25%. mcm mane leh wujud 24% ni? magic btol.

utk pricelist, sila click link ni - Pricelist. sy akan update pricelist dr sms ke sms. refer pd pricelist yg paling atas, itu yg paling latest. harap maklum.

S: awak. sy dah sign up as member under team lain. tp sy suke la tgk cara awak jwb soalan. detail sgt2!! boleh tak awak jd coach sy? btw, sy mmg dah ade coach. but i prefer YOU!! :x

- ehehe. haih. sape yg terase tu.. diam2 jela ye. sy tak tulis name korang kat sini, so tak perlu malu.
- kejadian ni mmg bese terjd, mungkin tak serasi dgn coach sendiri, so tetibe muncul plak coach yg agak serasi dgn korang.. so korang pon dekat2 la dgn coach yg baru ni.
- sbb itula, sy ckp awal2, sblm pape.. sblm sign up.. kene selidik dulu. test dulu coach tu.
- approach la bbrp coach kalo boleh. jgn nmpk sorang distributor, trus melekat mcm UHU glue.
- try tgk ngam ke tak ngam ke dgn korang. ni kire mcm bercouple jgk la. kene kenal2 dulu. get to know each other. check to see u speak the same language ke tak.. same wave length ke. samada nak jenis yg skema mcm salesman. atau jenis yg bukan mcm salesman (ehem ehem). nak yg same jantina ke.. atau yg opposite.. prefer nak yg online coach saje, atau nak meet face2face. itu seme korang punye choice la. korang punye final decision.. u have to make the BEST choice for u. itu je nak ckp.
- pestu.. pasal nak soh coach dr team lain, guide korang.. sdgkan korang mmg dah ade coach sendiri, hmm.. ini mcm mintak susu dr ibu org lain la lebey kurang. ibu sendiri tatau pg mane. ehehe.
- sy mmg boleh tolong, tp.. adil kah? coach sendiri nnt buat ape? goyang kaki? tp korang beli dr coach korang, seek advise dr pihak lain. aneh btol.


ok. itu je kot nak share dgn korang. harap2 ramai la yg dpt manfaat dr posting ni. papehal, sy sudi mendgr keluhan/rintihan korang. itupon kalo ade la. i'm just an email away. :)

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