Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
Click link for more details.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Which product should I take for weight management?

Salam & Hi everybody...
okay.. i get this question A LOT! i have to keep repeating the same old thing over and over and over again. it gets pretty tiring.. :P

so since.. there's a few related questions that I've answered in formspring and 1 from disqus, might as well compiled all of them here. so if anyone ask me the same question, i'll just direct them to this link.

weight management here means: lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight and improve health.

your choices are:
- F1 only
- F1 + Teamix
- F1 + F3
- F1 + F3 + Teamix

my guideline:

based on budget...
if u have little money, F1 is for u. but ur progress will be really slow compared if u add another F3 or teamix.
if u can spend a little bit extra, pls choose F1 + teamix
if u don't care about spending a lot, F1 + F3 + teamix is for u.

based on how many kilos to lose...
if u have to lose less than 20 kg, F1 + teamix would be for u, but u can still opt for F1 + F3 + teamix if u want to.
if u have to lose more than 20 kg, choose F1 + F3 + teamix.

based on what to focus first...
if u want to focus more on INCHES, take F1 + teamix.
if u want to focus more on KILOS, take F1 + F3 + teamix.

based on diet plateau...
if u weight progress has suddenly stop, u may switch by opting out F3 ..or.. start taking F3. 
u started off with F1 + Teamix. ur weight loss was ok, but suddenly out of the blue, it hasn't budged for a few months. to continue ur weight loss, u should take F1 + F3 + Teamix.
u started off with F1 + F3 + Teamix. ur weight loss was ok, but suddenly out of the blue, it hasn't budged for a few months. to continue ur weight loss, u should take F1 + Teamix.

based on other situation...
if u happen to be pregnant or breastfeeding, F1 + F3, teamix will be optional. u can still consume teamix, max is 1 tspn per day. but if u want to go for 100% caffeine FREE, then just take F1 + F3.
if ur have a medical conditions such has HBP, abnormal heartbeat.. etc, same as above, teamix is optional and u can consume 1 tspn of teamix max per day. do not exceed the limit.

ok.. hope that clears everything.

below is from my formsprings and 1 from disqus.


Q1: dh 4 bulan amik Herbalife..dr 69kg drop to 63kg...i'm 151cm.. medium frame.. rasanye 54-56kg should be ok for me kan?..dlm 4bln ni mmg amik F1 dan teamix..agak2, bila agaknya sesuai saya amik f1 dengan f3?.. sbb kebanyakkan ckp amik f1 dulu. for height 151 cm, female... ideal weight based on BMI (source link)

A: for height 151 cm, female... ideal weight based on BMI

small frame = 43 - 47 kg
medium frame = 47 - 51 kg
large frame = 51 - 56 kg

so ideal weight is ......... 43 - 56 kg

check ur frame size HERE

bila nak amik F3.. ini kene tgk pd progress awak mcm mane. kilos loss dan inches loss awak masih consistent atau skang dah makin slow? kalo mcm.. stakat lose 0.5 kg je sebulan.. instead of ur usual.. cth 3 kg or above, then.. boleh la nak amik F3.

atau pon, ur weight loss, mmg dah tak bergerak lame.. itu pon 1 signal utk awak amik F3. kalo progress masih okay, tak perlu amik F3 lg. focus on inches loss dulu. shrink kan body awak sebyk yg mungkin dulu.

mcm sy..... masuk 7th month baru amik F3, mase tu monthly progress sket je.

1st 6 months sy amik F1 + teamix saje.
sy loss 10 kilos + 21.9 inches off my body

the remaining 4 months, sy amik F1 + F3 + teamix.
sy loss 8 kilos + 3.6 inches off my body

pestu, without HL loss 1 kilos + 10".

so dr sini boleh nmpk beza average loss.

with F1 + teamix (6 months)
average kilos loss per month: 1.7 kg
average inches loss per month: 3.7"

with F1 + F3 + teamix (4 months)
average kilos loss per month: 2 kg
average inches loss per month: 0.9"


Feedback from Q1: tq 4 d explanation. (sy yg tanye soalan psl nk amik f1 je w/o teamix tu). btw, if amik f1 + teamix, berat ke or inci yg akan kurang ek?sy lebey kepada nk kurangkan inci (source link)

A: kalo amik F1 + teamix, akan lose inches AND kilos.
but more to inches.

kalo amik F1 + F3 + teamix, akan lose inches AND kilos.
but more to kilos.


Feedback from Q1: eh! bkn terbalik ker? kalu amek f1, more lose kg, kalu amek f3,more lose bkn yg tanya soklan td, sy ni pembaca lain :). conscious sket psl nih.please advice,tq :) (source link)

A: no no no..

sy ckp..
kalo amik F1 ..dan.. teamix... lose more inches.
kalo amik F1 ..dan.. F3... lose more kilos.
ade 'DAN' ya?.. bukan amik F1 semata2.

bila dah gune 2 cara ni, mmg boleh lose kedua2 inches dan kilos. bukan lose inches saje atau lose kilos saje. jgn salah paham nye. yg beza, mane lg byk. ok?

2 ni mmg terbukti, sbb rata2 yg amik 2-2 mmg ini la result nye. utk tahu bende ni betul ke tidak, kene amik F1 + teamix dlm bbrp bulan. pestu amik F1 + F3 + teamix.. utk bbrp bulan. dah settle, banding kan.. usually mmg betul la statement sy yg atas tu.

taleh la dr dulu sampai skang amik F1 + F3 + teamix, pestu ckp lose more kilos/inches. padahal tak penah pon nak try.. without F3. paham kan? :P

kene try 2-2.. baru la tau.. beza nya.

sy tak ckp pasal amik F1 saje lose inches/kilo lebih byk pon. lain tu wak.. bab amik F1 saje, sy taleh nak komen, sbb sy tak penah amik F1 saje, dan customers sy pon tade yg amik F1 only. tp sy assume, same jela mcm amik F1 + teamix, cube progress nye tade la selaju amik F1 + teamix.

ini sy explain kenapa lose more inches.. kalo amik without F3.

F3 ni build/maintain muscles. cube bayangkan. kalo u lose weight + fat.. kite assume tak buat workout pape, hanya rely 100% on F3. bila ade F3, u lose weight + u gain muscles. ade tolak, ade tambah. so disitu, dah jelas.. inches loss tak byk mane. inches loss mmg ade, tp TAK BYK MANE.

bila tak amik F3, same jgk, kite assume tak buat workout pape, so tade F3 utk build/maintain muscles. so bila lose weight.. lose fat.. u don't gain any muscles. so ape jdk? u lose more inches without F3.


Q2: salam.sis, kalo sy amik f1 only without f3 n teamix, (due to budget constraint) bole kurangkan berat tak? (source link)


mmg boleh lose weight tp result/progress slow la.

in terms of budget, kalo rase nak jimat dgn beli hanya F1, awak kene pk jgk.. kalo beli F1 saje.. u will spend more time + buy more products in order to lose weight. so berbaloi ke?

paling kurang sy syorkan F1 + teamix lah. F3 tu amik kemudian pon boleh.

cth... katelah..
amik F1 + teamix.. average setiap bulan lose 2.5 kilo
amik F1 saje.. average setiap bulan lose 1 kilo
awak perlu lose dlm 10 kg.
so kalo amik F1 + teamix, amik mase dlm 4 bulan
kalo amik F1 saje, amik mase dlm 10 bulan.
so ape yg kite boleh summarize kat sini?
kalo amik F1 + teamix, awak dijangka akan consume 4 bulan x 2 botol = 8 botol F1 + 1 Teamix 100g.
kalo amik F1 saje, awak dijangka akan consume 10 bulan x 2 botol = 20 botol F1.
haa.. paham ape yg sy nak sampaikan? nmpk beza length of weight loss dan total product yg awak kene beli? :D


ini soalan kat DISQUS.

Q3: salam Adieha.. Kak Nor nka tanya ..kalu kita ambik F1 dn F3 ..tanpa Teamix bole ker...Bolehkah tanpa Teamix kita boleh turun berat badan.. Terima kasih..menjawb soalan kak Nor. (source link)

A: salam kak nor..

soalan akak bg sy agak aneh, sbb akak tamo kat teamix.. T_T
teamix tu best kak. without teamix mmg boleh lose weight.
tp kene paham choices nye dan fungsi nye ape dulu.
teamix boleh burn EXTRA calories dan byk lg la benefit kalo consume teamix...

Benefits of Teamix:
- increase your metabolisme and energy
- cleanse your body
- curb your cravings
- flush toxins out
- prevent water retention
- reduce bloatedness and gassy feeling
- burn more calories (1 glass of teamix = 20 minutes of workout)

akak tamo ke burn extra calories?

F3 build + maintain muscles. ini boleh buat kemudian, bila perlu baru amik.

bwh ni sy list ikut turutan harga.. paling murah ke paling mahal..

. F1 only
. F1 + teamix
. F1 + F3
. F1 + F3 + Teamix

sy selalunye, kalo recommend kat org, paling kurang.. will be F1 + teamix.
tp kalo org tu perlu lose more than 20 kg, F3 tu agak perlu la utk dia.
so, org tu patut amik F1 + F3 + teamix.
sbb nnt tanpa F3, u lose weight.. bhgn2 bdn akan jd flabby.

F3 ni mmg boleh amik kemudian, tp kalo tak brp suke flabby ni.. boleh trus amik la.
kalo tak kisah flabby2 ni dan nak focus more on inches, boleh amik F1 + teamix dulu.

sy tak penah promote org amik F1 saje, that'll be too slow.
nape stop at F1 je, padahal boleh sgt nak amik teamix. teamix tayah beli tiap2 bulan.

utk F1 + F3 plak.. itu sy besenye akan recommend kat org2 yg mengandung atau tgh breastfeed baby. tp itu tak bermakne derang taleh amik teamix. teamix bg derang adalah optional. they still can consume teamix, but maximum 1 tspn per day (instead of the usual 2 tspn per day).

anyway.. ni summary nye.
kalo amik WITH F3, this means u focus more on kilos loss.
kalo amik WITHOUT F3, u focus more on inches loss
* dgn syarat amik teamix skali dan kurangkan pengambilan air-air manis, baru progress laju

DISCLAIMER: Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, but with good daily nutrition, our body can work better to help us to improve the condition. Product results vary for individuals. Consumers who is under a physician’s care, are advised to consult with a physician before undertaking any changes in diet. Any person with heart, liver or kidney disorders or who is under current medical treatment, should always be urged to seek the advice of a physician before changing their diet.

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