Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hitomi : Loss 7 kg + 6.5 inches

another one who wants to be anonymous. :P


Height: 157 cm
Initial Weight: 86 kg
BMI: 34.9 (obese)

Ideal weight: 46 - 61 kg
Need to lose: 25 - 40 kg



hai adieha.. semalam HL baru sampai, so harini sy start blk amek shakes.. almost 2 weeks jugak la x amek shakes, just amek teamix je.. tp sy control calorie intake.

pg mkn sandwich tuna (roti wholemeal + ayam brand tuna + daun salad), lunch sy mkn normal meal (1/4 nasi, 1/2 sayur, 1/4 protein), mlm sy mkn sandwich tuna or biskut oat + apple. lebih kurang gitu la everyday sepanjang xde shakes. now berat sy dah 79kg, inches loss 6.5inches. blog awak helpful sgt3, sy byk baca dr situ je kalau ada pape yg sy nak tau.

pg td sy buat shakes 3F1 + 2F2 + 1 pisang + cold water. kenyanggg.. kalau sy buat 2F1 + 2F2 + cold water, biasa cepat lapar..

pastu sy nak biasakan la, bg report kt awak twice a month, boleh kan?

nak kata consume HL bape lame tu susah sket, sbb awal2 dlu sy on off. tp yg btol2 sy buat sungguh2 n keep track, after sy guna website myfitnesspal, 17 jan, by then sy dh 84 kg.

kalau ikut yg sy save dlm excel file,
24/12/10 - 86kg 
17/1/11 - 84kg 
20/1/11 - 82kg
14/2/11 - 80kg
18/2/11 - 79kg

so far, -7kg, -6.5inch.

ada seluar lama yg xleh butang dah leh butang. baju yg muat2 dh longgar sket. sket je la :P tp dpt rasa jugakla lain..

start amek HL, sy xde kesempatan lg nak gi swimming.. dlu kalau tgh x bz mcm now, sy gi 2x a week. tp now sy buat aerobic kickboxing once a week (kalau sempat, 2x a week), ni sy download video dr youtube, videonya 10min je, sy ulang 3x dpt 30min per session.

thanks awak! now awak officially jd sy nya idol. hehe



// updated on 19 Feb 2011

Initial Weight : 86 kg
Current Weight : 79 kg
Current BMI : 33 (obese)

Need to lose 18 kg to get to her ideal weight range. :)

DISCLAIMER: Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It just makes sense that if you feed your body all the nutrition it needs on a daily basis, your body will heal by itself.



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