Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Teamix to Plain Water Ratio

photo of glass water taken from HERE

Semlm, sy dpt soalan pasal Teamix. It was a very simple question, but I proceed to answer it in detail, since I was feeling kind of generous la kot (wahahah). I think I have mentioned this before on my blog countless times, tp tade la gigih sgt nak explain in detail. :))

Here's my typical advise to my customer/downlines on what to do when consuming Teamix and Plain Water.

"Amount of plain water, have to be at least double or even better.. triple the amount of teamix." ~ Adieha

"Amount of plain water, have to be at least double or even better.. triple the amount of teamix." ~ Adieha


Question from customer:

dieha. ikotkan arini dah 4 minggu dah i minum herbalife. tapi kalau ikot x sampai sebulan lagi la. tapi excited nak timbang. i loss 4kg! suka gila.. tapi ni pon banyak terbabas gak. insyaallah utk second month nak try biar lagi bagus.. ngam2 hari ni teamix + f1 abis tapi f3 ada lagi sket la. teamix 100gm i guna x smpai sebulan la kiranya. betul ke ni dieha? ke i byk amek teamix?

My Answer:

do better next month.. target utk kurang terbabas, atau aim for perfection.

huh? teamix abih?

erk. awak letak brp tspn setiap kali, dan minum brp kali setiap hari? teamix 100g ade 120 - 240 servings.

120 kalo gune 1/2 tspn.
240 kalo gune 1/4 tspn.

kalo 1/2 tspn.. gune 4 kali sehari.. 120 / 4 = 30 days = 1 month
kalo 1/4 tspn.. gune 4 kali sehari.. 240 / 4 = 60 days = 2 months

sy tulis teamix 100g last 2-4 bulan tu.. sbb average, org akan minum at least 2 kali sehari.

kalo 1/2 tspn.. gune 2 kali sehari.. 120 / 2 = 60 days = 2 months
kalo 1/4 tspn.. gune 2 kali sehari.. 240 / 2 = 120 days = 4 months

jd la teamix 100g last for 2-4 months.

mcm sy consume 1/4 tspn x 2 times a day. mmg last dlm 4 bulan la.


nak tau byk ke tak...

kalo awak amik 1/2 tspn x 4 = 2 tspn. dlm sehari limit utk adults with normal health = 400 mg of caffeine.

1 tspn Teamix = 170 mg of caffeine
400 mg / 170 = 2.4 tspn.

sy sengaja limitkan 2 tspn... spy masih ade balance. so tak overdose lg. kalo awak rase ok.. ok aje wak. tade masalah.

Reply from customer:

satu hari saya amek teamix 3 kali. lepas shake amek. kira 2 kali shake, 2 kali teamix la. pastu after meal. tapi kali ni i nk try cmni lak. kira kalau shake, nk amek sket je. guna scoop yg blkg dia tu. kalau normal meal i nak guna yg 1/2 tu..

My Answer:

pastikan gune belah sudu yg betul..

Refer Link: Measuring Spoon

Reply from customer:

i guna yang belah c + d, tapi air tetap 250 je guna. haha. rase nak tambah la air kalau cmtu. boleh ke?

My Answer:

nnt dah cukup 1 bulan, update balik progress awak to me. sy nak letak dlm blog.

teamix basic nye, mix dgn liquid 200 to 250 ml. nak senang kire, amik 250 ml aje. so bila nak darab tu senang aje.. cth, 250 ml teamix x 4 = 2 L teamix <- total teamix per day

nak tambah air lebih boleh.. dlm 300-350 ml la paling tinggi pon.
spy tade la seksa nak minum plain water byk sgt. sila ukur baju di bdn sendiri.
kalo rase mampu minum plain water byk lepas minum teamix lebih dr usual, silakan.
kalo rase tak mampu, cube kurangkan teamix.


reason why sy ckp.. ukur baju di bdn sendiri sbb... lepas minum teamix, awak WAJIB kene minum air kosong.
kalo tak minum, nnt bdn akan kering. teamix akan kuar balik, tp plain water akan diabsorb.. selebihnye akan diflush out.

so kalo minum teamix saje tanpa plain water, mmg tade pape absorption, hanya flush out saje, masuk nye tade..
lg satu, air kosong tu bukan minum selepas teamix saje, tp throughout the day jgk.
bila cukup air = bodily function lebih lancar = senang nak lose weight

amount plain water, should be at least double or even better triple the amount of teamix.

(belah bwh ni sy ade letak perisa tambahan sket, ade additional info)

besenye sy ajar downlines/customer utk ikut ratio mcm ni. lebih jelas.. dan ade guideline yg TEPAT/PADAT..

bukan main ckp "awak boleh minum teamix byk manepon, ikut suke atie awak je. air kosong tayah minum pon takpe, sbb dlm teamix dah ade air kosong". nope nope. that is not true at all. jgn ikut statement mcm ni ok? :D

so better bg guideline yg specific mcm ni, ade ratio bagai. at least kalo tatau nak decide sendiri nak minum brp byk, dah ade guideline nak ikut. tunggu nak buat ajela.

Ini ratio nye...

1 Teamix : 2 Plain water ..atau yg lebih baik nye.. 1 Teamix : 3 Plain water.

so cth.. utk 1 serving.

1 Teamix : 2 Plain water = 250 ml Teamix : 500 ml Plain water
* for every 250 ml teamix, aim to drink at least 500 ml plain water
..or even better..
1 Teamix : 3 Plain water = 250 ml Teamix : 750 ml Plain water
* for every 250 ml, aim to drink at least 750 ml plain water

kalo amik 3 kali sehari, meaning total teamix dan total plain water per day, refer below..

1 Teamix : 2 Plain water = 750 ml Teamix : 1500 ml Plain water
* when u drink 750 ml teamix, aim to drink at least 1500 ml plain water
or even better..
1 Teamix : 3 Plain water = 750 ml Teamix : 2250 ml Plain water
* when u drink 750 ml teamix, aim to drink at least 2250 ml plain water

mcm sy skang..
Teamix : 300 ml x 2 = 600 ml
Plain water: usually 1.5 to 3.5 litres.

so rationya lebih kurang..... 1 Teamix : 2 to 6 Plain Water.
sy mmg focus on plain water dr teamix, since weight pon dah ideal. :P


//extra updates

every single human being should follow this 'Teamix to Plain Water Ratio' rule. this is not necessary just for teamix, but also for other drinks. anything that is not plain water.. should be included under 'Teamix'.

since most of the time, i only drink teamix and plain water.. that'll be the ratio. so if u were to drink milo, coffee, soft drinks.. etc.. then the ratio should be the same as above.. at least 1:2 or the best would be 1:3.

let say.. this is what u drink for 1 day..
250 ml teh tarik
250 ml teamix x 3 = 750 ml
250 ml milo
250 ml coke

total for all that is.. 1.5 litres.

TOTAL for other drink: 1.5 L
TOTAL for plain water: 1.5 L x 2, or 1.5 L x 3

so the minimum amount of plain water u should drink when u have drank 1.5 L of 'other drinks' is.. 3 L (if ratio 1:2) or.. the best would be.. 4.5 L (if ratio 1:3).

to proof my point, pls do an experiment. for 1 day.. u drink liquid which are not plain water. meaning ZERO plain water. look at the colour of ur urine. does ur urine look healthy to u? how about the smell? ehehe.

and then.. the next day.. try to balance the plain water and other drinks.. following the ratio that i've given u. u will see than ur urine colour is much more clearer. and with adequate amount of water, it won't be so hard for ur kidneys to filter. :P

u may check the colour of ur urine and read more on plain water - HERE


air tu terlajak takpe, asalkan it's within ur water range dan awak mampu utk boleh minum sebyk tu.

water range sy (based on weight), 1.8 to 3.8 litres per day. so okla kan. within my range, dan sy mmg mampu minum sebyk tu.

i know for some, 3.5 L tu tak byk mane pon. org2 yg suke komen ckp air sy sket, reasonnye sbb derang jenis minum 5-10L sehari. tp adakah 5-10 L tu selamat utk diminum setiap hari? tak kire la paksaan atau tanpa paksaan, its still dangerous. :P

an adult human stomach can hold..
average capacity : about 900 ml
maximum capacity : 2 - 4 litres

so it is best.. if u take ur time while u drink. there's no rush!

for example, in 1 hour u try to finish about 250 ml of water. katelah u tido 8 jam sehari, so ade baki 16 jam. 16 jam x 250 ml = 4 litres of water per day.

utk mereka2 yg mmg susah nak minum air, boleh try approach ni. 250 ml tu tade la byk sgt. dan gap mase pon lame. papepon, mulekan dgn slow la. kalo mmg tak biasa minum plain water byk2, start minum 500 ml dulu setiap hari. pestu increasekan sket demi sket setiap minggu. that's what i did.

my advise.. MODERATION is key!

read these


ada sape2 yg tak reti nak kire water intake range?

Water Intake Range (in litres) = [weight in kg / 30] to [ (weight in kg / 30) + 2]

cth... weight = 60 kg

Water Intake Range
= [weight in kg / 30] to [ (weight in kg / 30) + 2]
= [60 /30] to [(60/30) + 2]
= (2) to (2 + 2)
= 2 to 4

for someone who is 60 kg of weight, u must drink 2 to 4 litres per day.

DISCLAIMER: Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Consumers who is under a physician’s care, are advised to consult with a physician before undertaking any changes in diet. Any person with heart, liver or kidney disorders or who is under current medical treatment, should always be urged to seek the advice of a physician before changing their diet.

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