Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1533

350 ml H²0

@ 12.50 pm
- 1/2 bowl of Macaroni with Tomato Soup
- 1/4 small bowl of Sago Gula Melaka
1/4 tspn of teamix + 1 tspn of Psyllium Husk + 1/2 tbspn of Apple Cider Vinegar + 300 ml warm water
300 ml H²0

- 1/2 packet of Mamee Monster (chicken flavour)
- 1 slice of Wholegrain bread with 1/2 tbsp of nutella

350 ml x 2 = 700 ml H²0

@ 7.14 pm
- 1/2 bowl of Macaroni with Tomato Soup
- 2 pcs of cream cracker with 1 slice of cheese
1/4 tspn of teamix + 1 tspn of Psyllium Husk + 1/2 tbspn of Apple Cider Vinegar + 300 ml warm water
300 ml H²0

350 ml x 2 = 700 ml H²0

350 ml H²0


Teamix = 0.60 L
H²O = 2.70 L


Day 360: Psyllium Husk
Day 145: Apple Cider Vinegar

workout: 100 jumping jacks

seharian mkn leftovers. ehehe. anyway, i think kelmarin kot, sy sign up, can u believe it? selama ni sy tak penah nak gunekan food diary yg boleh kire calorie intake skali. besenye sy just refer kat database calories kat situ aje, tp tade la nak kate kire betul2. :))

dlm food database, sy dah masukkan bbrp mknn la, mcm Teamix (correct calorie count), Apam Gula Hangus, Cheese Singles (Malaysia), Tiger Cream Crackers... and more to come. Macaroni Soup tuh, mcm tak larat plak nak key in siap dgn instruction skali, so yg tu sy tak share la. but 1 serving (1 bowl) is about 272 calories.

to be honest, calorie intake sy ade yg above 1200 cals dan ade jgk yg below (2 hari je pon) . scr subconsciously (or maybe i do it purposely), sy berjaya maintain weight ni pon disbbkan cara sy tu la. weight tak jd nak turun coz dlm 1 minggu tu mesti ade 1-3 hari sy akan mkn lebih dr biasa. sbb sy akan weigh-in every week, dan based on my current weight, sy decide what should I do next.. eat more or eat less or eat about the same amount. that is how I maintain my weight, dan sbb tu la my weight tak penah terlajak jd underweight or above 58 kg (which to me is considered as RED ALERT). so weight yg nak turun dgn byk, tak jd nak turun, dia naik balik. btw, weight today 55.7 kg. esok maybe 56 kg. maybe naik 56-57 kg, pestu 55-ish balik. and so on and so forth. when u know ur body well, u should know what to do.
kalo ikutkan pd, by the amount of what i eat (5 days worth of daily menu), my weight will be 51.2 kg in 5 weeks. that won't happen, trust me. :))

perlu diingatkan, pls consume calorie intake above 1200 calories ok? why? mcm sy ckp berkali2, kalo consume below 1200 calorie intake akan terjd bbrp perkara: (1) malnutrition (2) metabolism akan decrease (3) body akan reach diet plateau (berat static/susah nak turun) + starvation mode (body akan hibernate) explained it best :

Based on your total calories consumed for today, (you consumed below 1200 calories), you are eating too few calories. Not only is it difficult to receive adequate nutrition at these calorie levels, but you could also be putting your body into starvation mode. Starvation mode lowers your metabolism and makes weight loss more difficult. We suggest increasing your calorie consumption to 1,200 calories per day minimum.

Day 1532
1118 days without HL shake

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