Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I have loss a lot of weight and my arms/tummy/thighs are getting flabby. What can I do to reduce the flabbiness?

ade downline sms sy. sy ni kalo org sms, nak jwb pjg2 pon mcm susah sket la. sbb keypad hp tak sesedap keyboard laptop nak menaip. hahaha. so sy sambung sini la ye.

soalan ni mmg common, sy pasti ramai yg akan/dah lalui bende yg same. so better share trus sini la.

Q: Salam Adieha. Sorry ganggu. Saya nak tanya la pendapat awak. Emm since sy dah lose weight ni kan, ada certain parts of the body mcm perut and lengan yg jd flabby tau. awak pernah experience x? saya try google tp still x sure product ape or mcmmane nak kurangkan flabby ni. uhu. ~ sms from Ann


jwpn sy dlm sms :-
- F3 + exercise boleh kurangkan flabby. Awak mmg amik F3 kan? tp awak amik 1 scp atau 2 scp? sy check based on weight dan height awak, awak perlukan at least 2 scp F3 per shakes. tp kalo awak dah amik 2 scp, dan masih flabby jgk, boleh amik extra F3 scp, mungkin awak punye pemakanan masih kurang protein (refer pd normal meal awak). so boleh increase, maybe 3 scp per shakes. so ade 2 extra scp tu samada awak letak dlm makanan/minuman lain atau dlm shakes trus.
- flabby2 ni common bila losing weight, sbb dah tade fat, so pasal tu jd flabby, its time to build muscles.

Q: F3 sy amik 1 scoop je sbb so far boleh tahan 3 jam x makan apa2 even when amik 1 scoop je. Utk exercise saya gune threadmill. everyday walk dalam 30 minit pagi dan kalo x keje 30 minit petang. x byk burn calories sgt tp at least bergrak la juga. uhu. ~ sms from Ann


jwpn sy dlm sms :-
- so kali ni try amik 2 scoop F3 plak. u need 2 scoop bukan 1 scoop. that's why flabby, awak tak consume ikut keperluan bdn. video workout sy dah share dlm blog. mmg utk target certain areas of your body. awak buat dlm 5-10 reps per day.


*sy tulis scr general, spy org lain boleh praktikkan skali. :P

A) Consume F3 to help maintain and build muscles

1st sekali, utk mereka2 yg amik Herbalife, korang kene pastikan korang consume F3 secukupnya. amount yg diperlukan utk F3 bergantung pd height dan weight seseorg. ade yg perlukan 1 scp saje, ade yg perlukan 2 scp.. dan ade yg perlukan 3 scp.

nak tau brp scp F3 yg korang perlukan, korang boleh refer pd blog entry ni - How to many scoops of F3 should I take?. dlm link tu, korang boleh download file lean protein estimator dan belajar cara nak guna chart.

utk mrk2 yg perlu lose less than 20 kilos, F3 ni akan jd optional, tak perlu amik trus. nak amik trus pon ape salahnye. papepon, kalo tanak amik trus, towards the end masih kene amik jgk F3 utk firmkan dan tonekan balik badan yg flabby setelah weight loss. so kalo korang blom amik F3, boleh amik explaination ni as ilmu jela dulu ok? doesn't mean u need to buy F3 (yet). nak amik F3 trus atau tidak, bergantung pd budget korang jgk kan? :P

tp bg mrk2 yg nak prevent/reduce flabbiness when losing weight, boleh amik F3 trus.

B) Exercise/Workout to help maintain and build muscles

selalunye, bhgn2 yg akan flabby adalah..
- lengan
- perut
- thighs


so ape yg korang perlu buat adalah buat workout yg target area2 tu.


- dlm video bwh2 ni ade tulis 'without weight', tp org tu gune water bottle as weights. wahaha. sepatutnye, kalo without weights, korang just angkat tgn, turun tgn saje tanpa pegang pape. kalo korang beginners, sy syorkan korang takyah pegang pape lg. berat tgn korang tu dah kire as weight dah. akan lenguh jgk, eventho tanpa pegang weights. u can build muscles just by lifting and lowering your own hands. bila dah rase lengan kuat sket, boleh pakai weights. start with 1/2 kilo dulu la. jgn la trus angkat weight yg terlampau heavy.
- sy sengaja pilih video2 ni, sbb bg sy yg ni mmg mudah dan tak complicated. yg pemalas nak workout pon boleh buat jgk. ade bbrp workout (kecuali dips dan kicks backs), korang boleh duduk sambil buat. duduk tegak, pestu gerakkan la tgn korang tu. tayah berdiri pon takpe. :P

a) How to exercise your shoulders [ watch video ]
- consists of : presses, flys, front raises.

b) How to exercise your biceps [ watch video ]
- consists of : bicep curl, hammer curl, over hand grip curl.

c) How to exercise your triceps [ watch video ]
- consists of : dips, over head press, kick backs.
- yg ni boleh dikatakan favourite workout sy la. sbb mudah sgt. dok dpn laptop pon boleh buat workout ni, especially yg 2nd workout. ehehe.
- 'dips' sy buat gune kerusi ataupon tepi katil. sy rase yg ni sy boleh buat better dr push ups. push ups sy seksa sket. nmpk sgt triceps sy lebih kuat dr biceps. :-s


a) How to exercise your tummy
- utk yg ini sy tade video. sy penah sebutkan tummy exercise ni berkali2 dlm blog sy. blog entrynye - kat sini. sy copy paste jela ye. hahah.

what i like to do is.... suck in my belly on and off. you can do it 5 minutes a day. within a month u can lose about 2 inches from ur belly. saye takde la set time limit 5 minutes. bile saye ingat je.. trus saye buat. sometimes more than 5 minutes. sometimes i do it all day long.

sebaiknye, u try to hold it in selame 15 seconds and then let go. pestu continue utk bbrp round lagi. u boleh buat 'workout' ni kat mane2. mase tgh masak, tgk tv, shopping, jln2.. etc.

pls note, ramai yg tak phm, ini bukan workout utk tahan nafas tp pergerakan muscles. bila kite boleh signal otak utk contract dan expand muscles, secara tak langsung, tak perlu nak buat crunches pon. gerakkan aje muscle korang, itu aje. last2 ramping la. sambil2 burn fat yg masih tinggal, boleh build muscles skali. percaya lah.

anyway, org takkan perasan korang tgh buat 'workout' ni. ehehe. sy ni kdg2 lalu dpn mirror yg besar, sy sengaja akan berdiri to the side, nak tgk bdn sy nipis mane dah skang. :))

tummy exercise ni, same la mcm butt workout. gerakkan butt muscles, last2 punggung akan firm. so this workout mmg confirm jadik. kene istiqamah jela, buat hari2 atau secara kerap. ok? tak perlu pakai pape mesin, hanya perlukan otak utk control muscles korang.


a) How to exercise your thighs [ watch video ]
- consists of : ski sits, squats, lunges

b) Stronger/leaner thighs by doing everyday chores
- sy ade lg satu workout. sy dah penah blog kat sini Workout for thighs within Solat. workout ni simple sgt. boleh praktikkan setiap kali nak bangun dr keadaan duduk di lantai atau kerusi. i guess, this is another of my creation la kot. :))

sy paste sket info pasal workout ni kat sini, selebihnye pls click link tu ok?

so there's 2 ways..

1) muslim: after every rakaat, u kene bgn semule kan? so bila nak bgn.. usually we push ourselves up using both hands. both hands letak kat lantai and push.. and automatically it'll easier to stand up rite? ok.. this time.. don't use ur hands. NO HANDS. your hands, letak atas peha or tepi peha.. and just use your leg muscle to push yourself up. since u're not going to use your hands, tade la bongkok2 dah. seolah2 spt.. dr position antara 2 sujud, trus bgn gitu. if u keep doing this.. for every prayer, fardhu, sunat.. etc.. ur leg muscles will get stronger and stronger.. and automatically, ur thighs will get firmer and firmer..

2) non muslim / muslim: well.. just do the same thing as #1, only it'll be an ordinary routine like everytime you want to get up from the floor or seating position.. don't use your hands to push yourself up. bila duduk atas kerusi, u nak bgn.. bgn trus. for some it'll be quite difficult if they don't use their hands. this would mean, they have really weak muscle legs (muscle kat perut pon akan gune jgk). kalo dok bersila/bersimpuh atas lantai.. same jgk.. push urself up without ur hands.

DISCLAIMER: Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It just makes sense that if you feed your body all the nutrition it needs on a daily basis, your body will heal by itself.

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