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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Overnight Oatmeal #10

lame benar tak buat overnight oatmeal ni. alang2 skang ni kat rumah byk sgt apple (hakeem suke mkn apple), so sy dpt idea nak buat overnight oatmeal version 'apple pie' plak. :D.

note: 1 scoop = 2 tablespoon

kali ni gune jar yg lebih besar, sbb mak kate dia dgn ayah nak tumpang mkn skali. hoho. so jar ni 2 kali ganda besar dr jar yg sy gune sebelum ni.

sebelum tu kene prepare buat filling apple nye dulu.

Apple Pie Filling
- 1 apple, peeled, cored, diced into chunks
- 2 tspn of sugar
- a dash of cinnamon
- a little bit of water
instruction: cook until apples are soften, side aside to cool

overnight oatmeal #10
- quaker oats (4 scp)
- honey/sugar (1.5 scp)
- PH (1/2 tspn)
- susu (until full)
- cinnamon powder (1 dash)
- apple pie filling
instruction: mix all dry ingredients 1st and stir well. add liquid and apple filling, and stir again. seal tight and marinade in the fridge for at least 12 to 24 hours.

besenye mkn dlm jar trus, tp sbb jar tu besar sgt, pindah dlm mangkuk kecik la. :P

masa utk makan! nom nom nom!


ini kire 1st time letak apple pie filling dgn oatmeal. verdictnya?

pagi2 tu, sy turun bawah, tgk2 dah tinggal dlm 1/2. maknanya mak dan ayah sudah pon mkn. ehehe. bila mak dah balik, sy tanye la dia, "sedap ke oatmeal tu?". mak kate, "sedap, buat la lagi. buat byk2. buat 1 jar sorang". wahahah. ganas btol. nak mkn 1 jar sorang. malang skali, susu sudah abis, so kene beli stok susu dulu baru boleh sambung buat. tp mmg sedap la mkn dgn apple yg dah lembik mcm tu. pestu oatmeal menyerap rase apple. 

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