Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
Click link for more details.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Price Increase Announcement : 27 March 2013

note: at last, an official announcement from HL regarding the price increase!!

Dear Herbalife Distributors,

Kindly be informed that the March 2013 price increase will be effective from 27th March 2013. On an average, we will be increasing our prices by 2.5% on Inner Nutrition products and Outer Nutrition products.

Kingly take note that all order with complete payment information are required to be submitted on or before 6.30 pm of 26th March 2013. We appreciate your co-operation to submit on time as we will not be able to process orders received after 6.30 pm at the old price.

Do not miss the opportunity to promote the products within the 3 weeks in order for your customers to take advantage of the current pricing.

Please do not hesitate to contact Distributor Services Department at 603 2687 6333 for further information.

Herbalife Malaysia Management



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