Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Why did I stop taking Herbalife shakes?

usually whenever i get this type of questions i get all angry and annoyed, but this time the person asking, was doing it right! at last someone who knows how to ask nicely. well, there was another person who ask a pretty interesting question , and was being super polite about it. :P

note: anyway, this person below ask me via disqus comment, and knowing myself very well, this type of question requires me to write a very long explanation, i decided to email her directly. and i guess it would be also wise to share it in my blog as well. if anyone else ask me the same question, i can simply direct them to this blog entry.


Q: i really enjoy reading your posts..very informative and helpful..just wondering, do you still go on the same diet though you r no longer drinking HL? why did u stop anyway?sorry for curiosity..:p

salam sis..

anyway, TQ for your kind words. I'm still practicing the same routine (portion plate, calorie intake, etc) eventho I'm no longer drinking the shakes.

the only difference would be..
during HL : 2 shakes + 1 normal meal a day
without HL : 2 meal or 3 meals a day depending on the portion size and calorie intake

the reason why i stop relying on HL shakes :

(1) i wanted to challenge myself to learn to maintain my weight without relying on any product, and after almost 5 years i manage to do that. by challenging myself, i learn a lot more on how to gain + lose + maintain my weight with and without products. I can easily tell people what to do since i am experienced in both areas. i'm not going to be biased and force people to keep on consuming HL, coz we all have choices.

(2) i also wanted to prove to others that it is POSSIBLE to stop taking herbalife and not gain weight at all. i'm not sure whether u're aware of a rumour that have been around for years, there are a few distributors who are afraid of losing customers, they told their customers that "those who stop taking hl shakes will gain back all the weight they have loss". in other words, what they are trying to say is, "everybody has to consume HL forever, if they stop, the side effect will be weight gain". that is nonsense!

3) so when i stop taking HL and i start to maintain my weight without the help of HL and i succeed, i have proven them wrong. at the same time, i also want to educate others that with/without products it is basically the same thing. the only difference, with HL it'll be easier and u have more time to focus on taking care on 1 meal. u'll be able to learn a lot of other things while u consume HL.

you can read my explaination by clicking this link - Difference between losing weight with/without products.


sometimes, when people rely on products, that might be one of the reasons why they don't push themselves even more. coz they feel more secure when they use products. they might feel that there is no point to learn beyond that. if they happen to be unlucky and get the wrong info from their coach, that is when things get complicated. if they don't try to make sure that the info shared by their coach is correct, and just follow what their coach says, it would definitely harm their health. correct? that is why, time and time again, i always make sure what i share in my blog will benefit others, especially those not from my team. since, i am not able to guide them, so by sharing these information, i hope they come across it one day, and apply it correctly.

the things i shared in my blog, isn't smtg that HL taught me, but it was from my own research and bcoz i like to experiment and read a lot.

HL will not give u these extra information. they only teach u the basics (to lose weight : 2 shake + 1 normal meal), that's is, nothing else, not even telling u the limit of certain things, that is why u have to figure out urself. i will not sit back and relax and accept that that is the only thing i should follow. nope..

we should never stop learning. that's why year after year, i manage to add even more new info in my blog. from only 1 product, there's a lot of things we can dig deeper. teamix + nrg tea alone: the price difference, caffeine intake, the ratio, the most effective way to consume, etc..

once you have improve your eating habits, know about managing your weight, know how to choose healthier options, can control yourself when eating/choosing food, it is your choice whether or not u should continue to rely on HL. nobody should be questioning ur decision to stop or to continue. it is ur choice and ur choice alone.

money isn't an issue for me, that isn't why i stop taking HL. i already planned since the beginning, once i know what to do, i want to maintain my weight on my own without products.

if i keep on relying on products, how will i know whether i can actually do it 100% with normal food and no products at all? how can i become a better personal wellness coach if i am still relying on products to maintain my own weight. so i need to push myself even more to become a good role model for u guys. i can't keep drinking the shakes and ask people to do the same thing, that's kind of unethical. i know not many can keep on consuming HL year after year. so i've proven that if i can do it, everybody else can do it too.

hope that clears ur curiosity. :P


DISCLAIMER: Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It just makes sense that if you feed your body all the nutrition it needs on a daily basis, your body will heal by itself.

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